“Empty Love” by Gracey & Ruel

Lyrically “Empty Love” is deceptively-complex. But it seems that the singers (Gracey and Ruel) are speaking to the concept of interacting with a romantic interest primarily via social media. And what they are saying is that ultimately such relationships tend to be relatively unfulfilling. Yet due to already living less-than-ideal lives from an emotional standpoint, they are still willing to engage in an “empty love”. 

And that is to say that whereas said romance may be “shallow”, it is still better than having no one to love, so to speak.

“Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love
Empty love, empty love”

Music Video

The track’s official video (shown above) was filmed in both artists’ homes. And apparently the pair was forced to shoot the video at home because of the global pestilence of 2020.

Is this Ruel’s first time working with Gracey?

Yes. This is Ruel’s first time working with British singer Gracey. The pair actually met each other for the first time back in 2018 at a recording studio.

Song’s Date of Release

May 22nd, 2020 was the date the pair formally released this song. And its release was made possible through Universal Music Group.

Did Gracey write this song?

Yes. She is officially acknowledged as one of the primary writers of the song. Actually being a professional songwriter, she writes most of her releases.

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