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Enemy – Decoding the Fury Within

Sevendust, a name that resonates with an era of metal enthusiasts who find solace in the aggressive yet melodic prowess of the late 90’s alternative metal movement, have carved a track that is both an introspective mirror and a rebellious outcry. ‘Enemy’ stands out in their catalogue, not just for its fierce instrumental assault, but for the deeply personal narrative embedded within its lyrics.

Sick Mouth

Meaning of “Sick Mouth” by Sevendust

“Sick Mouth” revolves around sort of a revenge fantasy on the part of the vocalist. As explained by Clint Lowery, the lyrics are based on a near-molestation he experienced as a child at the hands...

Holy Water

“Holy Water” by Sevendust

It is possible, given the titular analogy, that “Holy Water” is an anti-religion song. What Lajon is alluding to throughout is the addressee being an enemy, a subliminal one who is negatively affecting him...

Superficial Drug

“Superficial Drug” by Sevendust

“Superficial Drug” was released as a single on 25 July 2023. This was a couple of days prior to the dropping of “Truth Killer”, Sevendust’s 14th studio album, which this song is a part of. That project is a...


Meaning of “Messenger” by Sevendust

The wording of “Messenger” is relatively confusing, even for a Sevendust song. Luckily one of its co-writers, Clint Lowery, has explained that this piece is intended to speak to the concept of personal arrogance.  That sentiment does sorta...

Love And Hate

“Love And Hate” by Sevendust

In this song (“Love and Hate”), Lajon seems to be advocating adopting a mentality of resilience and faith. He does so, let’s say in a very indirect, Sevendust-like manner by espousing that we “separate… love...

No Revolution

“No Revolution” by Sevendust

The lyrics of “No Revolution” revolve around what may be defined as a fatalistic disposition on the part of the vocalist. The character Lajon Witherspoon takes on reads similar to that found on “Truth Killer”, the...

Sevendust's Profile


Sevendust is a US rock ensemble that has been in existence since 1994. The band was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by the musicians mentioned below: In addition to its founders, the band’s current lineup...