“Superficial Drug” by Sevendust

“Superficial Drug” was released as a single on 25 July 2023. This was a couple of days prior to the dropping of “Truth Killer”, Sevendust’s 14th studio album, which this song is a part of. That project is a product of Napalm Records, whom the band just recently signed to. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Sevendust's Superficial Drug at Lyrics.org.

Four of the members of Sevendust – John Connolly, Lajon Witherspoon, Morgan Rose and Clint Lowery – wrote “Superficial Drug”, with its producer being Michael Baskette, and its video directed by J.T. Ibanez.

Lyrics of “Superficial Drug”

It appears that that “superficial drug” which the vocalist is referring to is the unreciprocated love of the addressee. Placing such a designation on the nature of this relationship would imply two things. First of all, Lajon has ultimately deemed that the affection of the other party involved is “superficial”, i.e. ultimately meaningless. 

Secondly, calling it a “drug” would imply that he’s addicted nonetheless, as in this being a relationship which the singer cannot readily walk away from.

So when Witherspoon goes about telling the person he is singing to “take your superficial drug”, that instruction may speak to his powerlessness in this situation.  In other words, he’s putting the onus on the addressee to dead their relationship, as he doesn’t possess the wherewithal to do so himself.

“Tragedy in my blood
I don’t fight it anymore
Bury me with all the love
Everything else is meaningless
Real words hurt the most
Take your superficial drug”

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