Celine Dion’s “Unfinished Songs” Lyrics Meaning

In “Unfinished Songs”, Celine Dion indicates that every individual has the power and ability to chose the kind of lives they want to live.

She likens the human life to a song. In doing so, she explains that every one is presented with choices to do all that they desire with the lives they’ve been given. The author of this song is the individual, and as such, one can easily write their own lyrics to suit the kind of lifestyle and achievements they want to be remembered for.

The singer however mentions that people are unfinished songs and paintings because as a matter of fact, we don’t have a fixed layout of the future. Though we may think that the song is ending or we’ve achieved certain feats in life, so far as we’re not dead, better days will surely come.

Ultimately, Celine is advising her listeners to make the best out of their lives and call all the shots. After all, life is like a song which has many ups and downs. However, the most important thing is that we learn from our mistakes and make better choices.

Lyrics of "Unfinished Songs"

Who wrote “Unfinished Songs”?

“Unfinished Songs” was written by the renowned American songwriter Diane Warren.

Release Date

Dion and her team released this and its album “Loved Me Back to Life” on November 1, 2013. It was track number 13 on that album.

Who sings the backing vocals on “Unfinished Songs”?

The Track’s backing vocals belong to Swedish singer Jeanette Olsson.

Was “Unfinished Songs” released as a single?

No. Only four songs were released as singles from the aforementioned album. One such song was “Loved Me Back to Life“.

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