“Clarity” by Vance Joy 

Most simply put, Vance Joy’s “Clarity” is the case of a person who did not realize how much he loves someone until now – some significant time after they have already parted ways. And by the looks of things, said parting was primarily due to the narrator’s own actions. He apparently devalued his significant other when he had her. 

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Indeed even for some time afterwards, it’s like Vance is walking around introverted and stressed without really knowing why. But then, as if by the will of the heavens itself, he had an epiphany and “found this clarity”, as in finally being able to recognize “what matters most to” him – that of course being the addressee. But again this is a realization he is coming to after the fact, thus further thrusting him into his feelings.

Lyrics for Vance Joy's "Clarity"

Release Date of “Clarity”

Vance Joy made this song public on 7 April 2022, concurrently announcing the album it is to be featured on, which is “In Our Own Sweet Time”. And as with his two prior LPs, this project is being backed by Atlantic Records, Liberation Music and the Warner Music Group.

Vance is a singer from Australia who, at the release of “Clarity” being 34 years old, has been professionally active for about a decade. He has been especially successful in his homeland and has also experienced notable success in North America, with Canadians especially displaying an affinity for his music. His most notable song of his entire career to date is “Riptide“.

Vance was encouraged to drop “Clarity” as a single by another, more-tenured musician in Dan Wilson. According to Vance, he was initially uncomfortable releasing this song as a single because it was extremely “upbeat and poppy”. However, Wilson encouraged him to release it as a single since it contains all the characteristics of a single. He followed Wilson’s advise and did just that!


Joel Little produced this track. And he also co-wrote it with Vance.


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