“You Could Start a Cult” by Niall Horan

These days, it can be said that the notion of popular musicians belonging to cults is more widely accepted than it’s ever been. So the title of this track (“You Could Start a Cult”) really sticks out amongst the others found on Niall Horan’s LP “The Show”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Niall Horan's You Could Start a Cult at Lyrics.org.

But that said, it’s sort of a misdirection in a way, in that what we’re dealing with here has nothing to do with esotericism, secret societies or anything like that. Rather, the addressee whom the vocalist is making the titular statement towards is, most simply put, the apple of his eye.

In other words, what Niall is putting forth is that she’s so ‘beautiful to him’ that he could blindly follow her, as a cultist would his preferred cult, if you will. Or as implied in the second verse, he perceives the addressee as being a historical beauty so to speak, sorta like Helen of Troy, a woman who is so appealing that she could even bring kingdoms to war. 

But again, he reiterates that these assertions represent his personal feelings for her. Or put otherwise, the vocalist is letting the addressee know that he is very much smitten by her.

“Oh, I’ll follow you till there’s no tomorrow
I’ll follow you till there’s no tomorrow
I’ll follow you till there’s no tomorrow”


Behind-the-scenes’ musicians who are credited as both writers and producers of this track are:

  • Joel Little
  • Julian Bunetta
  • John Ryan

And those who served solely as writers are: M-Phazes, Ruel and Niall Horan himself. 

Also, as stated earlier, this track is from the latter’s album “The Show” which, for the record, Capitol Records and Neon Haze that was made public on 9 June 2023.

You Could Start a Cult

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