“Never Grow Up” by Niall Horan

As of the release of Niall Horan’s third studio album, “The Show”, on 9 June 2023, “Never Grow Up” appears to be one of the most popular songs it.

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This particular piece was produced by the trio of Joel Little, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan. Ryan and Bunetta, both of whom were regular collaborators of One Direction, the boy band which Horan owes his come-up to, also co-wrote “Never Grow Old” with Niall and Shane McAnally.

Never Grow Up


As we noted in the analysis of the title track from “The Show“, this album is supposed to represent Niall Horan’s maturing as an artist. So it may seem strange that its playlist includes this song, where he rather goes about touting his commitment to “never grow up”. 

But to note, the vocalist is actually making that assertion within the context of his romantic relationship with the addressee. In other words, what the title represents, in a roundabout way, is his desire for their romance to remain as with its earlier stages, when they were younger, more innocent, as well as able and willing to effectively express their love to one another. 

But as inferred in the first verse, the average adult couple reaches a point where they no longer appreciate each other’s presence like that. So that is more specifically what Niall means by stating his disdain for growing up, i.e. that he does not want himself and the addressee to end up like those couples who become akin to strangers sharing the same bed.

“I hope we still dance like we’re fallin’ in love
Hope we still drink like we’re back in the pub
Hope we grow old, but we never grow up
Hope we still fight over bands that we love
Hope we still cry ’cause we’re laughin’ too much
Hope we grow old, but we never grow up
We never grow up”

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