“Elevator Eyes” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo’s fifth-studio album, “Dirt Femme”, came out in late 2022. Its deluxe version, being dubbed the “Extended Cut”, is came out in full on 11 August 2023, adding seven fresh cuts onto the original 12-track playlist. And amongst them is “Elevator Eyes”, which Pretty Swede Records released a couple of days prior, on August 9th and actually placed as the first very-first song on “Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)”. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Tove Lo's Elevator Eyes at Lyrics.org.

To note, Tove Lo is credited as writing this song with its producer, Joel Little, whom she described as ‘one of her favorite Kiwis’, while also pointing out that “Elevator Eyes” “was one of the first songs written for this era”.

Elevator Eyes

Lyrics of “Elevator Eyes”

Seemingly, the reason Tove is referring to the addressee as possessing “elevator eyes” is because said individual is looking her “up and down”, as if he is “hypnotized”. In other words, the lyrics read as if he’s gawking at her.  Or another way of interpreting the concept of his eyes “going up and down”, as expressed later in the chorus, is perhaps as a metaphor pointing to the two of them having sex.

As implied, the setting is some type of exotic location like a beach resort, where Lo is “on vacation”. And whereas the addressee is diggin’ her, it’s made obvious that she’s attracted to him also. So as inferred, the two of them do proceed to do the do. 

Yes, the potential does exist for this to develop into a serious relationship. But Tove comes off as if she’s also more than content with a sound, outdoor bonking and subsequent memories of her flash-in-the-pan partner “naked and beautiful”.

So conclusively, “Elevator Eyes” reads like a sex fantasy. Here we have the vocalist, chillin’ at a beach resort, obviously without her own established boyfriend in tow. And then out of the blue, she meets this lovely dude whom she ends up having a memorable sexual experience with.

“Elevator eyes
Elevator eyes
I’m not surprised
You’re hypnotized
Goin’ up and down
Elevator eyes
Elevator eyes
If looks could touch
No need to rush
Goin’ up and down”

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