“If You Leave Me” by Niall Horan

The lyrics of Niall Horan’s “If You Leave Me” represent what can perhaps be taken as the most common fear amongst those of us who are truly in love, which is our sweetheart deciding to bounce. Alternatively, it can be said that this is something that most lovers fantasize or may even dream about, as with Niall in the first verse.

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But whereas the other songs we have thus far looked at from “The Show” are far from being lyrically complex, there does theoretically appear to be a notable intricacy to this one. That is to say that the second verse seems to imply that the reason the vocalist is shook like this to begin with is because his honeybun may be considering a certain path in life that he is not willing to “change” in order to accommodate. 

So it’s as if Horan is entreating her not to leave him amidst this pressing disagreement. Indeed with that notion in mind, the bridge proceeds to illustrate that they may be already in the midst of a breakup, so it isn’t as if the vocalist’s fears are unfounded.

“If you leave me
Oh, I think that I just might lose it completely, yeah
If you leave me
Hope you know that you’re sentencing me
To a life on my knees
I don’t know who I would be”


“If You Leave Me” was produced by a couple of Niall Horan’s regular behind-the-scenes’ collaborators in Julian Bunetta and John Ryan. 

This track is from the singer’s solo album “The Show”. This album came out officially on 9 June 2023 via Capitol Records and Neon Haze. The latter label was founded by Horan sometime circa the late 2010s.

The song’s writers are as follows:

  • N. Horan
  • Julian Bunetta
  • John Ryan
  • Mike Sabath
  • Joel Little
  • Caroline Ailin
If You Leave Me

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