“Come Home” by Anderson .Paak Ft. Andre 3000

Anderson .Paak seems to follow two different lines of thought in “Come Home”. First is that he is apparently in a relationship that he feels uncomfortably bound to, as in he is seeking an escape from it. Second is that he is seeking to reestablish a romance – as in “come home” – to someone who he has apparently broken ties with.

It is not clear if both of the aforementioned relationships are with the same person. However, it appears the term “come home” is applied in two different ways. In one sense it is Anderson “begging” the woman he is appealing to come back to him. In another, it represents .Paak himself making an effort to “come home”, as in physically travel, to be embraced by her “open arms”.

Lyrics of Come Home

And Andre 3000’s verse solidifies that reestablishing a damaged romance is indeed the main theme of this track. He begins his rap by pointing out that the relationship with his sweetheart is highlighted by conflict, even comparing her to a professional wrestler. However, he also expresses a desire to make peace with her. Moreover he appreciates her for who she truly is. Ultimately what his section boils down to is that Andre will do whatever it takes to “un-toughen” his shorty, as he greatly enjoys being the recipient of her love.

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