“Come Through” by H.E.R. (ft. Chris Brown)

The featured narrative in “Come Through” serves as a romantic discussion between H.E.R. and Chris Brown, two of the top R&B artists in the industry at this moment. 

Usually whatever idea is being put forth in such ballads is pretty straightforward. However, we would say that this particular song is not one of such cases.

What we do know, as can be easily gleaned from anyone who is aware of what the phrase “come through” means in a modern colloquial sense, is that the two of them want to hook up with each other. And it is not a situation where they are just meeting. Instead they obviously have some sort of a romantic history. 

And it can further be said, judging by the titular admonishment, that they miss each other.

Are the Narrators Lovers?

But as implied above, the current state of their relationship is never actually revealed. Or let’s put it like this. Yes, it is quite obvious they are romantic interests. And it is also apparent, as noted above, that they want to get together. However, it can also be ascertained that currently they are not officially an item.

So going a bit out on a limb, what it appears is actually going down is something like the two of them being exes. And as such, they have since moved on to different partners and even respective, unassociated lives.

However, considering that they do miss each other, they are now planning to hookup “on the low”, at an “unknown location”. That former phrase especially connotes that said meeting will be a secret one, i.e. a rendezvous that their current sweethearts will know nothing about.

Moreover, when Chris and H.E.R. do hook up they intend to “get faded”. The term “faded”, as most commonly used in contemporary settings, points to the idea of getting high or being in some sort of shall we say completely-carefree state. And this is also something which apparently they do not want their current partners to see them doing, being loose in such a manner.

In Conclusion

So the implication behind it all is that the two vocalists really miss each other. And what we mean by that is, maybe in a different setting, if you hear Chris Brown for instance telling a female to “come through”, of course he would be doing so to be intimate with her. 

But there’s nothing sexual about the lyrics here. Rather, the singers are former lovebirds or very-close associates who in hindsight have come to the realization that perhaps they never should have parted ways in the first place. 

In the aftermath they find themselves living lives where evidently they are not fully content with their current lovers. Indeed they can’t even be truly free in front of them. 

And so, we will put forth such an idea as the thesis sentiment of this piece. At its core, this track is simply about two exes who are in an emotional/psychological predicament where we can conclude they still would rather spend time with each other than whoever it is they are dating at the moment.

Lyrics for "Come Through"

Is this H.E.R.’s First Collaboration with Chris Brown?

This is actually the second original track in which H.E.R. and Chris Brown have teamed up with each other. The first was a 2019 song, relatedly entitled “Come Together”, where Brown was the headliner and H.E.R. the feature. 

Also, if terms of ‘non-original’ tracks, Breezy has been featured on a couple of H.E.R.’s official remixes, those being “Focus” (Remix) (2018) and “Slide” (Remix) (2020).

Release Date of “Come Through”

“Come Through” came out on 23 April 2021, being first teased on the 2nd of that same month. It is expected to serve a role on what will be H.E.R.’s first full-length studio album. It should be noted that the the said project remains unnamed as of the aforementioned date.


And yes, H.E.R. is listed as being professionally active since 2009. Also up until this point, she has three Grammys and a number of other awards under her belt. Additionally between 2016 and 2018, a three-year timespan, she has dropped five EPs. Also she put out a compilation album in 2017 and another in 2019.  However, she has yet to put out a standard, debut studio album.

Out of the seven aforementioned projects, H.E.R.’s most-successful was her first compilation album, itself entitled H.E.R. (2017). That particular full-length topped Billboard’s R&B Albums chart, in addition to having been certified platinum by the RIAA.

And as far as singles go, in 2017 H.E.R. came out with a romantic ballad alongside Canadian crooner Daniel Caesar entitled “Best Part“. That song was a mega hit on both sides of the border, going quadruple-platinum in the US and triple-platinum in Canada.  And it also marks her biggest hit for date.

And as far as being the sole headliner, H.E.R.’s biggest hit thus far is a song she dropped in 2019 called “Slide”, featuring L.A. rapper YG.

Meanwhile H.E.R. herself hails from Vallejo, California. And as of the release date of Come Through, despite all of the above accomplishments she is only 23 years old.

"Come Through"

Writing Credits

H.E.R. and Chris Brown both get writing credit for this song, alongside Tiara Thomas and the track’s producer, Cardiak.

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