“How Does It Feel” by Chlöe and Chris Brown

Trust is sometimes the hardest thing to deal with, especially when the person you trusted and loved most once ends up stabbing you in the heart.

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In this case, both Chlöe and Brown relive a time when they were both with unloyal exes. Despite knowing they were misusing their trust, they kept trying to make them stay by giving them more love and/or intimacy. It becomes akin to a desperate plea in hopes of making their partner(s) stay loyal to them. Or perhaps not wanting to let go due to the familiarity they have with them.

However, despite all of these acts, they still end up feeling hurt even when they’re alone with their partner. Nothing can take their minds off the fact that their trust has been misused. 

“I gave you more than you wanted
I gave you more than you needed
So tell me, how does it feel
To lose the one you believe in?”

Release of “How Does It Feel”

Chlöe dropped “How Does It Feel” as the second single off her first solo project “In Pieces”. The track, which features contributions from US rapper Chris Brown, has an official release date of 24th February 2023.

31st March 2023 is the official release date of the “In Pieces” album. It was put out by two prominent record companies, Columbia Records and Parkwood Entertainment.

On 27th January 2023, the record’s first single was officially unveiled. This song is titled “Pray It Away“.

More singles were issued in March, with “In Pieces” dropping, on the 29th, as the project’s third single. “Cheatback” is the fourth single from this record, and it officially dropped on the 31st of March.


The penning of this single was accomplished by both artists along with contributions from several other writers, as mentioned below:

  • Hitmaka
  • Eddie Holland
  • Lamont Dozier
  • Brian Holland
  • Rahky
  • Popcorn Wylie

Production of “How Does It Feel” was handled by renowned US record producer Cardiak. He received assistance from Hitmaka.

How Does It Feel

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