Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown’s “Just Let Go” Lyrics Meaning

“Just Let Go” is a track in which the singers (Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown) are addressing a romantic interest. The song is centered around encouraging such a woman to “let go” of her inhibitions. Her inhibitions in terms of what? You may ask. She should let go her inhibition in terms of opening up to the artists both socially and sensually.

Joyner’s approach is to use intoxication and smooth words to get into the mind of his sweetheart. He acknowledges that he has made some unfavorable decisions in the relationship. But he guarantees that he can take away her stress and troubles.  He is also very impressed with the girl, especially on a mental level. He goes on to explain that his own inhibitions in the romance are basically caused by personal psychological baggage. Furthermore, he gets very explicit in terms of peaking her sensual interest.

Lyrics of "Just Let Go"

Chris Brown, on the other hand, takes a similar approach. He insists that his honeybun never leaves his side. At the same time, he admits that he can be verbally abusive. However, he states that he is not “the devil”.  He also mentions his impressive material wealth not necessarily in the sense of trying to charm the woman with it but rather just to give her a better understanding of where he’s coming from.

“Just Let Go” concludes on the note that despite the artists’ best attempts, the females they are targeting in the song are still not ready to submit to their appeals.

Facts about “Just Let Go”

  • Songwriter(s): Brown and Lucas co-wrote this song. However, they didn’t do so all by themselves. Songwriters Myles Moraites, Kenneth Cunningham and Sean Momberger also contributed writing to the track.
  • Producer(s): The song’s co-writers Momberger and William handled its production along with JayAreOnTheBeat.
  • Release Date: “Just Let Go” came out on January 31, 2019.
  • Album/EP: This track can be found on the project titled Angels & Demons. Angels & Demons is a collaborative album by Brown and Lucas.
  • Vocals: The primary vocals on “Just Let Go” are obviously from Lucas and Brown.
  • Interesting stuff: This single was initially scheduled to be released on January 22, 2018. However, its release date was changed because of Chris Brown’s arrest in Paris on charges of rape.

Is this Chris Brown and Lucas Joyner’s first collaboration?

No. Both artists had collaborated at least twice in 2018. One such collaborations is the song “I Don’t Die”, which also appears on Angels & Demons.

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