“Call Me Every Day” by Chris Brown (ft. Wizkid)

Interestingly, even though this song (“Call Me Every Day”) is scheduled to appear on an upcoming Chris Brown album and WizKid is the featured artist, the latter actually acts as lead vocalist, with Breezy holding down more of a support role. As such, the lyrics are recited in what some may call pidgin English and others, patois.

But outside of that lyrically this is a love song, pretty much the kind you would expect from the artists at hand. And the title, which is never stated in the lyrics forthrightly, is indicative of the vocalist’s desire to be with the addressee, his romantic interest, on a daily basis. 

Or put otherwise, he’s smitten to the point where for instance he has no qualms admitting that he’s willing to pay dough in order for this relationship to work. Indeed as implied, the addressee already has a boyfriend, albeit one who is less than ideal. So “some money” is being basically utilized on the part of the vocalist in his attempt to lure her away from him.

So fundamentally, what is being put forth is that this lady is so appealing to WizKid/Breezy that the singer has no choice but to pursue. And this is a message that is being relayed to her directly as part of the vocalist’s pickup game, so to speak.

Chris Brown, "Call Me Every Day" Lyrics

Release Date of “Call Me Every Day”

This track is from “Breezy”, Chris Brown’s 2022 album. A couple of singles from the project have thus far been dropped with “Call Me Every Day”, which came out on 17 June 2022, being the third of the lot. (Also to note, the album itself is expected to come out a couple of days afterwards.) This is a song that came to us via Chris Brown Entertainment, a label the singer founded back in 2007, in conjunction with RCA Records.

Upon release, this song did promptly proceed to appear on the Top Songs Nigeria Chart via Apple Music, debuting at number 2.

“Call Me Every Day” was first teased about a week before the track’s issuance.

Chris Brown and Wizkid

Brown, as you likely already know, is a singer based in California who has been active since the aughts, i.e. his teenage years. WizKid on the other hand is a musician from Nigeria, being in the game just as long as Breezy though whose fame was primarily relegated, until the onset of the 2020s, to his native part of the world. That said, as far as West African vocalists go, he’s by far one of the most popular and as such has teamed up with Brown before, on Chris’s 2016 track “Shabba”, as well as Breezy returning the favor on WizKid’s 2017 outing “African Bad Gyal”.

Credits for “Call Me Every Day”

Chris and Wizkid wrote this track with the following:

  • Michael Adeyinka
  • Marcel Akunwata
  • Thierry Lohier
  • RoccStar

RoccStar, a regular Breezy collaborator, also produced “Call Me Every Day” with DJ Tunez and Blaise Beats.

Call Me Every Day

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