“Country On” by Luke Bryan

It’s not really that easy to define what the phrase “country on” is supposed to mean. But the expression can be taken along the lines of being a shoutout to country living. 

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This is a lifestyle that has been idealized countless times by musicians who fall under this genre, which is what the first verse and chorus of this song does, i.e. depicting the likes of farming, truck driving and being a cowboy as vocations to be proud of. 

In the second verse, Luke steers the lyrics in a slightly different direction by rather honoring the likes of firemen, policemen and soldiers, i.e. those whose jobs require them to put their lives on the line and in the latter case doing so abroad in the name of “keeping us free”, thus requiring more-elaborate recognition.

And as verified later in the song, this is all meant to act as an ode to the United States of America, as in “Country On” being patriotic in nature. But that said, as implied by the title, this isn’t one of those cases where the vocalist is trying to encapsulate everything between the Pacific and Atlantic in doing so. 

Instead, his focus is on the Deep South, if you will, with Luke Bryan himself being a native of Georgia.

Lyrics for Luke Bryan's "Country On"

Luke Bryan talks about “Country On”

Since this is a patriotic song, it was designed to uplift Americans. According to Luke, he loves the lyrics of the song and the fact that the song is actually doing what it was designed to do – uplift the spirits of “hardworking Americans”.

Luke has also referred to this song as one containing “feel-good vibes” which brings people together.

Did Luke Bryan write “Country On”?

Luke doesn’t actually have a credit on this song. This track was produced by Jeff Stevens alongside his son, Jody Stevens. The song’s writers are:

  • David Frasier
  • Styles Haury
  • Mark Nesler
  • Mitch Oglesby 

The director of the music video to “Country On” is Shaun Silva.

Date of Release

“Country On” is a track released on 1 July 2022 through Capitol Nashville, with it serving as the lead single to Luke’s eighth studio album.

FYI, this song did have a chart showing, most notably being a top-10 hit on Billboard’s US Country Airplay listing.

Country On

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