“Build Me a Daddy” by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan’s “Build Me A Daddy” is one of those types of songs which is meant to hit you right in the heart. And basically, it centers on a young boy who longs for a father. The implication is that his actual dad died as a soldier in combat. So he is innocently asking a toy maker, perhaps inspired by the tale of Pinocchio, to ‘build him a daddy’ whom he can take home to the joy of himself and his mother.

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Luke Bryan, "Build Me a Daddy" Lyrics

Facts about “Build Me a Daddy”?

Luke played no role in the composition of this highly emotional song. The song was composed by three prominent American songwriters. Country music singer Josh Thompson is one of the three writers of the song. The other two are:

  • Brett Tyler
  • Jake Mitchell

The song’s producers are Jeff Stevens and his son, Jody Stevens.

According to Bryan, he totally found the song relatable from the moment he heard it. This is because in 2007, he lost his older sister named Kelly. About 7 years later, Kelly’s husband also passed away, leaving behind three young children. After this tragedy, Bryan and his wife had no other option than to adopt and raise these poor children.

Luke Bryan discusses "Build Me a Daddy"

Capitol Nashville released this song as part of Bryan’s “Born Here Live Here Die Here” album. This album, which is actually Bryan’s seventh, was launched on 7th August, 2020. It was supported by 4 singles, including “Knockin’ Boots“.

Luke Bryan’s own sons, Tate and Bo, appear on the official music video to “Build Me a Daddy”.

Luke Bryan's "Build Me a Daddy"

The “Born Here Live Here Die Here” Album

On the 7th of August, 2020, Luke Bryan, an American country music star released his seventh studio album with the title, “Born Here Live Here Die Here”. On the 9th of August the following year, a deluxe edition which had six other songs, including the album’s 5th and 6th singles was released.

Jeff Stevens and his son Jody Stevens, both renowned record producers, jointly produced the album. The record labels, Capitol Nashville and Row Crop Records were responsible for its release.

The album sold over 48,000 copies in the US within its opening week. In doing so, it debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 becoming the singer’s 11th album to rank top-10 in the US.

Aside from the United States, “Born Here Live Here Die Here” ranked top-10 in a number of countries including:

  • Australia (2)
  • Canada (5)
  • United Kingdom (3)

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