“Honky Tonk Highway” by Luke Combs

Honky Tonk Highway is a place of entertainment in Downtown Nashville with several clubs and bars with live music performances, and this is exactly what Luke Combs describes here. Luke, as suggested in the song happens to be one of the acts performing at the Honky Tonk, and he creatively details his experience.

He begins by mentioning that he and his band hit the road with a Prevost car towards Alabama, and Birmingham, as he has a three-night run. He barely gets to rest because he has to move from show to show throughout the night.

In all, he narrates the typical lifestyle of a performer; spending time on road trips with his band, drinking, women, and then heading off to yet another show.

Luke Combs paints a perfect picture of his life as a touring musician, as well as his belief that the stage is really where he belongs and feels at home.


This is one of the songs on the first studio album of Luke’s career, “This One’s for You”. It is track number 12 on the original version of this album. Both “Honky Tonk Highway” and ” This One’s for You” (the album) were released in June of 2017.

Was “Honky Tonk Highway” released as a single?

No. Luke’s “This One’s for You” received the support of only the following 5 single releases:

  • “Beautiful Crazy”
  • “She Got the Best of Me”
  • One Number Away
  • “When It Rains It Pours”
  • “Hurricane”

Did Luke Combs write this?

Yes. He composed it along with country music singer-songwriter Rob Crosby and songwriter Ray Fulcher.

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