Meaning of “Knockin’ Boots” by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan’s “Knockin’ Boots” describes his desire to be intimate with his partner in a very flattering way. It’s no wonder he plainly chose the title “Knockin’ Boots”, which is an old western term for being intimate with the opposite sex. It is said that during the 80’s, when cowboys took their ladies to bed, they often placed their boots under the bed. Others are believed to have left them on and the ongoing activity would cause the boots to knock against each other repeatedly and noisily.

Bryan paints a picture throughout the song of his need as he likens it to other elements. First he mentions that his truck, wheels and radio will play a part in getting him to his lover. Then he gets into more detail by telling the lover to slip her garments off and let her hair down while allowing Friday nights to be Friday nights.

The singer uses a lot of interesting comparison, such as birds needing bees, ice needing whiskey, and sweet tea needing sugar to explain his insatiable craving for his partner.

As he sweet-talks her, he’s also revealing the process it involves to get the girl. He does this by putting in extra effort, getting across town to meet her, possibly on a Friday. Taking her out in the night to get some drinks, then moving to the dance floor. Followed by calling a cab, then starting the affair in a backseat.

The bridge of the song details what happens in the end. The singer gets his wish, as doors get closed, lights go out, lips get locked in, and boots start ‘knocking’ against each other.

What Luke Bryan said about “Knockin’ Boots”

According to Bryan, “Knockin’ Boots” is a song that feels very country and which is about fun, dancing and essentially showing love to a significant other.

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  1. PandaScheme ! says:

    Thank you ! Very helpful !

  2. LeoG says:

    In Portuguese (Brazil) “konckin’ boots” is a slang to “to die”. Ex: John has knocekd his boots = John has died.

  3. Kyla Kensley says:

    Thank you i didn’t know that’s what this song meant.

  4. Deb Carmicheal says:

    Not my favorite song of his but now we know what knockin’ boots means.

  5. AZombii says:

    Great. This explanation has ruined the song for me. I thought knocking boots was a reference to line dancing.

  6. Debbie says:

    Luke seems as to always live out his fantasies through songs.

  7. Michael says:

    I love Luke Bryan knocking boots song, Any of you love knocking boots?

  8. Lisa says:

    My grandkids hate this song I dont care for it either what happens to the old country

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks I didn’t know what it meant. I sent the song to my boyfriend and he said me and you knockin boots. Confused me a lot lol.

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