Luke Bryan – Born Here Live Here Die Here

“Born Here Live Here Die Here” is basically an ode to Luke Bryan’s hometown, the type of shoutout to the ‘hood you would expect from a country music artist. He acknowledges that the same place where he grew up is also where his father and grandfather lived out there lives. And the actual theme of the song is based on the signer’s contentment with this locality. Or more specifically this is the place where his best friends and significant other also call home. Moreover he is very familiar with every nook and cranny of the area, such as the places to fish where one will actually achieve ideal results. 

And accordingly the title of this song is based on the fact that this community which he is touting is where he was born, currently lives and intends to die.  So this track is pretty straightforward in its approach, as it does not rely on metaphors or allusions to get its point across. That is to say the listener will walk away convinced that Luke is an individual who truly appreciates his hometown and is fully committed to remaining a resident there throughout the rest of his days.

Lyrics of "Born Here Live Here Die Here"

Facts about “Born Here Live Here Die Here”

This song was co-produced and co-written by Jeff Stevens and his son, Jody Stevens. Both men are regular collaborators of Luke Bryan.

And the other co-writer of “Born Here Live Here Die Here” is Jameson Rodgers.

“Born Here Live Here Die Here” was released on 14 February 2020 as the third single and title song track of Luke’s 2020 studio album.

The first songs to be released from this project were:

Which town/city is Luke talking about in this song?

For the record, Luke Bryan was in fact born and raised in a small city in Georgia called Leesburg. And he resided there until he was 19 years old before moving to Nashville. However, since he isn’t one of the actual co-writers of the song, it is apparent the town/city in question isn’t Leesburg.

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