“Crazy Angels” by Carrie Underwood  

Carrie Underwood’s “Crazy Angels” speaks true to life, noting how many religious people also have their wild sides.

The vocalist, as presented, is someone who, as far as religiosity goes, is very committed to her beliefs, going to church every Sunday and all. But at the same time, she isn’t what you one would classify as an exemplary Christian. Instead, her nightlife is more in tune with the mainstream flow of things. Or put differently, if you run into Carrie at the “dive bar”, none of her actions would insinuate that she’s actually a church-going lady. And the vocalist notes that she “ain’t the only one” amongst the religious folk in town who lets it all hang out at night.

It is these individuals, such as herself, whom Underwood is referring to as “crazy angels”. The titular term is one which – since we’re once again dealing with a pop song imbued with religious terminology – can be interpreted a number of ways. For instance, it can be taken, even within the context of the chorus, as a roundabout reference to the fallen angels of Biblical lore. For like the vocalist and her ilk, they are also known to ‘fly low’, i.e. forsake “heaven”, if you will, in the name of enjoying more earthly pleasures.


Ultimately, reading that deeply into the lyrics may be beside the general point. What the vocalist is ultimately getting at, all spiritual references aside, is that she likes to freely party. And perhaps that religious side of her life results in pent-up energy or what have you that comes out when she’s in less-reserved settings, like the club. Or that would be theoretically why in the bridge she says that a dude should “count” himself lucky if he happens to hook up with a ‘crazy angel’, i.e. said recipient of her love likely being in for a wild time.

Carrie Underwood, "Crazy Angels" Lyrics

Facts about “Crazy Angels”

This song is from “Denim & Rhinestones” which is Carrie Underwood’s ninth studio album. 

“Crazy Angles”, which Capitol Records Nashville released on 22 April 22, about a month before the album, is the second single from that project, with the first being a song that came out earlier in the year, “Ghost Story“.

Carrie Underwood served as both writer and producer of this track, as did David Garcia. And the other writer of “Crazy Angels” is Lydia Vaughan.

Crazy Angels

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