“Take Me Out” by Carrie Underwood

There is a deluxe edition of Carrier Underwood’s ninth-studio album, “Denim & Rhinestones” (2022), which contains a few new songs, one of which is “Take Me Out”. 

On 8th of June 2023, the aforementioned song was released as the fourth single from the project overall (and the second from the deluxe edition, following “Out of That Truck”, which came out earlier in the year). 

Information presently available reveals that the song was written by Underwood alongside multi-Grammy winner David Garcia, who has especially made a name for himself in the Christian music circuit. David and Carrie also served as the project’s producers. 

Carrie Underwood's Take Me Out

The Lyrics of “Take Me Out”

In this case, the title of this song is pretty much literal to its message. The phrase “take me out” is usually one we use in letting the intended party know that we want to hang out somewhere remote with them. 

This is especially true as far as romantic interests are concerned, so “take me out” is basically another way of saying ‘I want to go on a date’. And so it is in this case, with the addressee being the vocalist’s lover.

More to the point is that as depicted, the two of them are established partners who, unlike the earlier days of their romance, have since fallen victim to the rat race. Or as Carrie implies in the first verse, it’s as if the two of them no longer have time for each other. 

So now, she is longing to regain the spark that they once shared, back during the euphoric days. And under the vocalist’s estimation, that goal can be achieved via her honeybun ‘taking her out on the town’ and furthermore making a conscientious effort to romance her throughout the evening. 

Underwood would likewise do her part by wearing “that black dress” he “love(s) so much”. And what she is looking forward to is an old fashioned dating experience, once again harping back to the days when her spouse was still trying to win her heart, if you will.

“And take me out on the town
Flirt with me in the dark
Make my heart skip a beat
Like only you can do to me
Stealin’ kisses in some old dive bar
Make me feel like your woman
Slow burnin’ in a neon crowd
Yeah, I’m wantin’ you to want me, baby
So take me out
Take me out”

In Conclusion

This is an interesting piece in that it doesn’t depict the featured romance as being troubled per se. The union seems to be very much stable in terms of its continued existence, but the vocalist is still able to perceive that there’s something lacking therein. And for Carrie, that would be the thrill of being touched in a way that reinforces her being the apple of the addressee’s eye.

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