“Drinking Alone” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s “Drinking Alone” is set in a bar. And the songstress is addressing a male drinking buddy. Simply put, she makes it abundantly clear to this guy she is just now meeting that yes, she would like to share a few drinks with him. However, their interaction is not going to lead to any type of romantic intimacy whatsoever. Rather she has basically noticed that he too, like herself, is in the bar alone and apparently depressed. 

Indeed just as she is suffering from a failed romance, she is enlightened to the fact that he too is nursing a broken heart. So ultimately, the sentimental foundation of this song is that the two of them have a better chance of getting over their emotional pain. And they can achieve this by, succinctly put, chillin’ together as opposed to trying to confront the matters individually.

“We should be drinking alone, together”

Facts about “Drinking Alone”

Carrie co-wrote “Drinking Alone” with two others (D. Garcia and B. James). She subsequently released it in September 2018.

Randee St. Nicholas is the director of the official music video to “Drinking Alone”. And it features an actor by the name of Jared Koronkiewicz.

This track served as the fourth single from Carrie’s “Cry Pretty” album. 

And it should be noted that the single version is 30 seconds shorter than the album version.

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