“Demon High” by Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is a rapper who is regularly known to utilize terms such as “demon” in his lyrics, even participating on a song entitled so in the past. And as we have undoubtedly pointed out prior, such terminology, which we regularly come across these days, can lead to different ideas. 

But generally speaking, we all know what a demon is and that said term more or less points to the concept of evil. And the full title of this song is apparently supposed to read something like ‘Demon High School’, i.e. a place that the rapper is ‘welcoming’ listeners to in a dark lyrical sense. 

But with Lil Uzi Vert in fact being an artist who regularly utilizes such terminology/imagery, at the end of the day this piece doesn’t really read any differently than most of his other works.

The Demons

The demons in this case aren’t literal ones so to speak but rather, let’s say some type of less-than-ideal aspect of the vocalist’s personality. And going a bit out on a limb, perhaps the best way to describe this aspect is as it being akin to the sexual temptation that exists within Uzi Vert. Or at least that’s a feasible conclusion based on the chorus, where while seemingly fighting his “demons”, the vocalist is also warning us listeners, apparently, about a certain type of woman.

And verily, the narrative featured in the verses is for the most part centered on the rapper griping about a lady he’s falling in love with. And the reasons he’s perturbed is first of all, she comes off as being materialistic. Put simply, she is only interested in Lil Uzi for his wealth. 

And secondly we can say she’s overly promiscuous, i.e. someone who has not only slept with the vocalist but also ‘all his friends’. So it reads like she may be a groupie, i.e. someone Uzi Vert never intended to be smitten by. But falling in love he has, which is more or less why he’s now beefing.

At the end of the second verse, Lil Uzi also does a bit of freestyling, if you will. For instance, he seems to allude to how the COVID-19 pandemic cost so many lives in 2020. And he also drops a metaphor related to his ‘crowd dispersing’ musical proficiency.

But for the most part “Demon High” is an emo rap song, once again the type of artistry we would expect from this particular rapper.

Lyrics of Lil Uzi Vert's "Demon High"

Facts about “Demon High”

This song is a part of Uzi Vert’s “The Pink Tape” project.

Atlantic Records and Generation Now released this track on 29 October 2021. And they seemingly did so in recognition of Halloween (i.e. 31 October).

Uzi Vert wrote this song alongside the artists mentioned below:

  • Don Cannon
  • Pro Logic
  • Rex Kudo
  • Charlie Handsome

The latter three artists also produced the track.

Demon High

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