“All Bad” by Future (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

The title of this song is derived from its chorus. And to make a long explanation short, it points to the rappers’ assertion that they do not have to tolerate any romantic interests whom they deem to be unfavorable – or as they term it “all bad” – in any way, shape or form. This is because they have so many ladies to choose from that they can behave in such a manner without feeling any loss. And of course, the overall insinuation is that said reality is largely a result of them being famous and even more importantly rich.  Accordingly they go about detailing, in various ways, just how wealthy they actually are.  Such for instance is the primary focus of Lil Uzi Vert’s verse. While Future uses his passage to get more sensually-explicit, though he does remind the audience, numerous times, that he’s dripping also.

So basically, we can say on this track the homeys come off as being cocky. They’re living the life and have access to various luxuries, including multitudes of women. As such, they are telling a romantic interest that if they do hang up the phone on her, there is zero likelihood that their relationship will continue after that point.

Facts about “All Bad”

This song was written by Future and Uzi Vert. And the producers of the tune are Outtatown and B. Finessin.

Future and Vert have worked on a number of songs together in the past, dating back to Uzi Vert’s 2016 tune “Seven Million”.

“All Bad” was released, via Epic Records, on 15 May 2020. It is a feature on Future’s eight-studio album, which is entitled “High Off Life”.

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