“Sasuke” by Lil Uzi Vert

The title of this song (“Sasuke”) is actually the name of one of the main characters from the popular anime “Naruto”. And Lil Uzi Vert is widely known as a fan of Japanese cartoons. Within the context of the song, the word Sasuke is ultimately meant to point back to the art of karate, a style of combat which “Naruto” is based on.

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And as you the reader are likely already aware, one of the main moves in karate is chopping. So basically, what Uzi seems to be saying is that he is going to “chop” a certain female “like Sasuke”. And this is apparently a metaphor lending to the notion of him making vigorous love to her.

“Yeah, Sasuke, Sasuke”

Sasuke lyrics

With that established, the rapper goes on to harp on what are his other standard topics outside of bedroom fun, that being gunplay and his extravagant wealth. Indeed it is also arguable, going back to the aforementioned ‘chopping’ metaphor, that such is actually an allusion to shooting at opps. For later in the song he also utilizes the term “chopper”, which is a colloquialism for an AK-47. 

However, there are other segments of the lyrics whereas he more explicitly focuses on the subject of sensual lust. An example is the chorus (which is wholly dedicated to that topic).

So succinctly put, this is the usual Uzi fare. However, it is presented trough a unique titular metaphor, which harps on the subjects of money, lots of bedroom fun and violence.

Quick Facts about “Sasuke”

Lil Uzi Vert wrote “Sasuke” in conjunction with the track’s producers. The producers in question are: Brandon Finessin and Outtatown.

Atlantic Records released it on 24 April 2020. This was less than two months after Uzi dropped his commercially successful album “Eternal Atake”.

Commercially, this is not one of the very successful singles from the Philadelphia-born rapper. “Sasuke” only managed a peak position of No.65 on the US’ Hot 100 chart.

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