“Bean (Kobe)” by Lil Uzi Vert (ft. Chief Keef)

“Bean (Kkobe)” is named after basketball legend Kobe Bryant, whose middle name is actually Bean. And the reason that Lil Uzi Vert in particular felt the need to reference him is due to his claim that “like Kobe” he is also “balling”.  However, the word ballin’, in the colloquial sense, has nothing to do with athletics but rather alludes to a lifestyle of chillin’ and enjoying the rich life.  As such, Uzi Vert gives a shoutout to some of the most-expensive brands in the world, as well as his overall cashflow, as proof that he is indeed living that life. 

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Meanwhile Chief Keef doesn’t really harp so much on wealth but rather idealizes being intoxicated. And both artists allude to street violence, as in their wherewithal to resort to the gat if a situation calls for it. Also they both point out their tendencies to sleep with other guys’ girlfriends, if so desired. 

So despite being named after Kobe Bryant, this track focuses primarily on the themes of wealth, violence, intimacy and getting high.

Lyrics of "Bean (Kobe)"

Quick Facts about “Bean (Kobe)”

This is the first official collaboration between Lil Uzi Vert and Chief Keef in which the latter actually contributed vocals.

This track was released by Atlantic Records in collaboration with Generation Now. It came out as part of the deluxe edition of Uzi’s album “Eternal Atake” on 13 March 2020.

“Bean (Kobe)” was written by Uzi and his homey, Chief Keef. And for the record, they actually recorded this song a couple of years before Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) passed away. It should also be noted that in some circles, the word bean is a reference to money.

The producer of “Bean (Kobe)” is Pi’erre Bourne.

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