“Bad and Boujee” by Migos (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

“Bad and Boujee” is the song which many consider to have put the Migos, who have gone on to be the top rap group in the music industry, on the map. And the title alludes to the idea that the featured rappers prefer a female that is not only attractive but also ‘bougie’, i.e. high class. An alternate way of understanding the title is that the “bad” rather refers to characteristics akin to a street-based girl. Thus it can also be read that whereas they would like a woman with rich tastes, they would also prefer that such be tempered by her coming from a ‘hood-like background.

And in terms of the actual lyrics of the verses, the primary focus is on money acquisition, women and street violence. In fact the rappers present themselves as being tantamount to gun-toting kingpins. But more to the point is that they stay preoccupied with generating significant amounts of income. And the implication is that they use said wealth to lure women whom they want to be intimate with. And once they are given the opportunity to do so, they go all out in terms of performing in the sack.

So once again with “Bad and Boujee” being the song which established the Migos as a hit band, it is likewise centered on the same topics which they have tended to harp on since.  And those are massive wealth, women and certainly violence.

“My [explicit] is bad and boujee”

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