“Dua Lipa” by Jack Harlow

Certain parts of Jack Harlow’s “Dua Lipa” song, such as the chorus and first verse, aren’t necessarily that easy to understand in their entirety. But the thesis sentiment of the track is pretty clear, that being Harlow’s infatuation, if you will, with Dua Lipa.

Lipa is a fellow musician he crossed paths with at the 2022 Grammy Awards and was apparently smitten by in the process. Since Lipa actually traces her parentage to Southeastern Europe, Jack also uses the opportunity to express an interest in “European” girls in general, as well as a type of experience Lipa is said to fancy called “Russian twists”.

But lyrically, the vocalist doesn’t really go out of his way to harp on such a motif. Indeed in the second verse, the song kinda transforms, with Harlow going about presenting himself as somewhat of a playa – someone whose “European” girlfriend is cool with ‘being an extra’. That kinda lingo and lack of focus may be why, when he actually played this track for Lipa, by the looks of things she wasn’t overly impressed.

But obviously, even if some analysts have interpreted this piece as Harlow shooting his shot, he isn’t overly serious in doing so. Or let’s say that at the end of the day, this being a rap song and all, it is more imperative to the vocalist that he presents himself as a chillin’ alpha male – likely being a reflection of his true celebrity life – than it is for him to try to impress a particular lady.

Lyrics to Jack Harlow's "Dua Lipa"

Release Date of “Dua Lipa”

This track is from Jack Harlow’s album “Come Home the Kids Miss You”. It was put out as the project’s third single on 6 May 2022. Its release was facilitated by Atlantic Records in conjunction with Generation Now.

Nail Tech” was the album’s first single. The second single from the project is a hit song called “First Class“.

Song Credits

The extensive songwriting team behind this track consists of Harlow and at least 11 others. These names include:

  • Rogét Chahayed
  • Angel López
  • Dougie F
  • Nickie Jon Pabón
  • Nemo Achida
  • Jasper Harris
  • 2forwOyNE
  • Federico Vindver
  • Zac 

And all of those individuals, with the exception of Pabón and Dougie F, also served as producers of “Dua Lipa”.

Dua Lipa

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