“Nail Tech” by Jack Harlow 

There really isn’t much need to dive deeply into the lyrics of this piece, as they are more or less standard rap braggadocio. However, in comparison to other rappers, Jack Harlow doesn’t come off as the threatening or violent type. 

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What his boasting is rather most pointedly centered on is the idea of the vocalist being rich and therefore superior to his peers. Also, despite coming off as a playa, Jack reveals that he likes ‘girls who are down to earth’. And that’s actually an important thought to keep in mind, as it appears Harlow’s shtick is sorta like characterizing himself as a humbler – albeit still conceited – music star.

Meanwhile the title doesn’t seem to have any specific meaning but is rather a phrase derived from the opening line of the first verse.

Lyrics to Jack Harlow's "Nail Tech"

Jack Harlow

Jack has been in the game for a minute, self-releasing his first mixtape, “Extra Credit”, in 2011, when he would have been 13 years old. It wasn’t until 2020 that he scored his first true hit (after getting down with Atlantic Records in 2018), “Whats Poppin”, a track featured on his debut studio album, “Thats What They All Say”. And since then Harlow has been able to retain the reputation of one of the top up-and-comers on the rap scene.

That said, Jack’s biggest to date has actually been a collaboration he dropped with Lil Nas X entitled “Industry Baby” (2021). In fact in recent times Harlow has kinda made collaborations his thing as his last solo single, “Tyler Herro”, dates back to 2020.

“Nail Tech”

This track also relied heavily on behind-the-scenes collaborative work, with six of its seven producers – Boi-1da,  Jahaan Sweet, Angel López, Fierce, Rogét Chahayed and Coleman – all getting songwriting credit. The other producer of “Nail Tech” is Nova Canyon, with the following also acting as co-writers:

  • Dougie F
  • Roger Capps
  • Jack Harlow

Jack began teasing this track on 10 February 2022, with “Nail Tech” officially being released about a week later, on 18 February.

The music video to this track, as put together by director Frank Borin, features Yung Miami, a female hip-hop artist known as part of a duo called the City Girls. And to note, Harlow has teamed up with City Girls prior on a 2020 tune entitled “P**sy Talk”.

The labels behind this song are Atlantic Records and Generation Now.

Shortly after the release of this track, Kanye West heralded Jack Harlow as one of the “Top 5 [rappers] out right now”.

Nail Tech

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