Dua Lipa’s “Boys Will Be Boys” Lyrics Meaning

According to Dua Lipa’s own words, her song “Boys Will Be Boys” deals with the “growing pains” or challenges “of what it’s like to be a woman” in this world.

Speaking to Australia’s Vogue, she shed some light on the above statement. She couldn’t stand it that so much of women’s lives are controlled by men.

She went on to talk about how girls and women are forced to cover themselves to be safe from being sexually harassed by men. In concluding her statement, she expressed great sadness on how women have to sacrifice their comfort just so they can fit into the lifestyle of men.

Meaning of “Boys Will Be Boys”

The aforementioned phrase is actually an idiomatic expression. It is used to say that one shouldn’t be shocked or surprised when one sees boys or men behave in a rough or unacceptable way. And why? This is because behaving in such way is how nature programmed males to be.

That being said, it should be noted that many feminists have a problem with this idiom. According to them, it encourages boys and men to behave in unacceptable ways much to the detriment of girls and women. So essentially a male behaves improperly and society isn’t too hard on him because “boys will be boys”.

And this is exactly what Dua Lipa (who is also a staunch feminist) is talking about in the song’s chorus below.

Lyrics of "Boys Will Be Boys"

Lipa clearly has a problem with said idiomatic expression that encourages males to misbehave. She therefore uses this song to bring attention to it while mocking it or dissing it, so to speak.

How Dua Lipa disses/criticizes the Expression

There are a number of likely ways that Lipa is using the song’s chorus to diss or criticize the misogynist expression. They include:

  • Males will forever be immature. However, girls will transition from being girls (immaturity) to women (maturity). This is clearly Lipa dissing men. Actually a number of males say they find it insulting.
  • Young boys get to enjoy their childhood for a long time. This however, isn’t the same for young girls. And this is because they tend to go through a lot of challenges and torments in life that leave them with no other option than to grow up quickly and become women. A good example is where young girls are forced into early marriages.

Autobiographical Lyrics

A number of lines from this song are actually inspired by events Lipa went through growing up. For example, in the first verse she talks about putting keys in her knuckles when boys are around. Now, this is something Lipa actually did as a young girl to protect herself from boys.

Below are Lipa’s exact words in relation to that:

Dua Lipa talks about "Boys Will Be Boys"

Song’s Objectives

Lipa revealed that her primary objective for this song is that it “be a conversation starter” and an “eye opener”. She also hopes to use this song to show solidarity with young girls and tell them that she has also been through their challenges too. She stressed that while making the song, her intentions weren’t to offend anyone.

Writing Credits

Dua Lipa received help from the following writers in writing this song:

  • Jason Evigan
  • Justin Tranter
  • Kennedi

Release Date

It was released on March 27th, 2020 as part of Dua’s “Future Nostalgia” album. This album, which is her second, produced the following singles:

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    “It is used to say that one shouldn’t be shocked or surprised when one sees boys or men behave in a rough or unacceptable way. And why? This is because behaving in such way is how nature programmed males to be.”

    According to what, exactly? There is no scientific consensus supporting this. If you have found some kind of backing to this statement, please provide a source – I’m very curious.

    Otherwise, it just sounds like the very behaviour this song describes..

    • Women Lives Matter says:

      It doesn’t need to be proven. There are some nice men in this world, yes. But most of the men in this horrible planet act like women are toys. And guess what? We’re actually NOT toys. We are smart, independant, strong women. And I guarantee the world that you’re a 30-something year old single man who has NO problem using women as objects. Way to be sexist, huh? But you know, us women can’t do anything about people like you. Wanna know why?

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment calls to mind some of the latter lyrics in this song. “If you’re offended then you must be doing something wrong.” The statement does not need to be proven as it is a fact that the idiom boys will be boys is used to excuse, justify or explain certain behaviours in young men.

  2. Women Lives Matter statement says:

    really this is what im talking about it gave me such emotion this song is really a peace of art

  3. Equality matters says:

    Yas girl! I will say while reading this article it did feel as if throughout the passage everything was being said in a negative direction. I also saw a lot of opinion. I will say this, men are also important like women, but any and all genders should be treated with the same level of respect and have the same chances in life as anyone else. And women have not yet been able to reach their full potential because of being pushed down by society, mainly men. So long story short, we are fighting for equality and nothing is going to get in our way of fighting for our rights. Boom.

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