“Levitating” by Dua Lipa (ft. DaBaby)

“Levitating” is a dance-themed love song. Its title alludes to the notion that the singer is in an uplifting, euphoric state of mind in relation to her love for the addressee. And she uses various altitude-based allegories to get this point across. And whereas DaBaby’s verse also has a romantic undertone, it is largely centered on one primary idea. The said idea is how fickle people can be in the face of success. But overall, the primary sentiment being expressed is the vocalists’ feelings for their significant others.

This is actually the second official remix of “Levitating”, a song Dua Lipa originally dropped as a soloist. This remix featuring DaBaby came out on 2 October 2020.

Lipa teased it the day prior, on 1 October via Instagram. It is part of the Deluxe edition of her album “Future Nostalgia”.

The producers of this track are Stuart Price and Koz. Koz is also one of its co-writers. He co-wrote it with the following:

  • DaBaby
  • Lipa
  • Coffee Jr.
  • Sarah Hudson

This is Lipa and DaBaby’s first collaboration.

Warren Fu directed the music video to this track. Lipa held a contest on TikTok to get ideas (and even dancers) for the video.

In all, Dua’s “Future Nostalgia” album had 5 singles, including “Levitating” and the below:


In 2022, a band known as Artikal Sound System sued Dua Lipa for copyright infringement. According to the band, Lipa stole a portion of their song titled “Live Your Life” in “Levitating”. Artikal officially released “Live Your Life” in 2017. But do the two songs even sound alike? Yes, they actually do, most notably the chorus and the beat. .

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