“Dying Breed” by The Killers

The singer, Brandon Flowers, is using the title in reference to his relationship with his wife, a lady by the name of Tana Mundkowsky.  Generally speaking, the terms dying breed refers to someone or something who are like the last of their kind.  And the reason the singer is applying this term to himself and his life partner is because he feels their level of commitment to each other is an anomaly in the modern world of romance.

So on one hand, the lyrics are reflective of the various challenges they face in regard to perpetuating their relationship.  For instance Brandon knows there is “going to be [external] opposition”, on top of his own inner fears and doubts.  But conclusively, he also acknowledges that he and his sweetheart ‘got everything they need’.  Or stated differently, he is confident that the love and commitment between them has empowered them to overcome all of the aforementioned obstacles.

“Dying Breed” Facts

This is the fourth single from The Killers’ album which goes by the title “Imploding the Mirage”. The track officially came out on the 14th day of August 2020.

Brandon Flowers, the “leader” of the band, wrote this tune in conjunction with the following:

  • Alex Cameron
  • Mike Crossey
  • Jonathan Rado 

It is Flowers who is recognized as the primary songwriter, and contained therein is what he described as “the prettiest or most-romantic lyric (he’s) ever written”.

J. Rado also produced the track alongside Shawn Everett.

The label that put Dying Breed out is Island Records.

Below are the other official singles produced by “Imploding the Mirage”:

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