“Fire In Bone” by The Killers

The phrase “fire in bone” is a metaphor with an unspecified meaning. But based on the way it is utilized in the song, it tends to point to the general idea of the singer being consumed with emotion. In a couple of cases the narrator uses it in a positive connotation, but for the most part the verses come off as if he went through some type of unfavorable experience which tore at his very being. And that’s where the primary addressee comes in. For in the chorus he is basically praising the person who intervened and helped save him from his downfall. 

Indeed he was under the impression that “no one is going to save you” and that “you got to make it on your own”. So when this person actually responded to his cries for help, even though it’s not stated forthrightly, the implication is that he greatly appreciated their concern.

“Fire in Bone” Facts

This song was written by three members of The Killers – B. Flowers, M. Stoermer and R. Vannucci Jr. – alongside Stuart Price.

And Price is also one of its co-producers, in conjunction with the following:

Shawn Everett and Jonathan Rado.

“Fire in Bone” is the second single from The Killers’ sixth album, “Imploding the Mirage”.  And Island Record issued it as such on the date of 24th April, 2020.

The three other singles “Imploding the Mirage” spawned are as follows:

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