“My God” by The Killers (ft. Weyes Blood)

As the title of this song (“My God”) implies, it does seem to be religious in nature. The way the vocalist(s) comes off is as if at one point in time he was stuck in an unfavorable lifestyle. But now, implicitly via divine intervention, he has not only become a more-enlightened person but also has been relieved of the “weight” that previously ‘dragged him down’. 

And there are what can be deemed as Biblical, New Testament references sprinkled throughout. Indeed the main vocalist, Brandon of The Killers, came from up from a religious background and has remained grounded in such even after becoming a rock star. Furthermore it should also be noted that his collaborator, Weyes Blood, parents are in fact Christian musicians. So even though the singers don’t necessarily address God directly, nor should this song be defined as a hardcore religious tune, they are still acknowledging Him. And they are doing so in a celebratory sense, jubilating in the fact that their lives are better than they were before.

Summary: Brandon Flowers is celebrating that a burden he faced in life has been lifted, apparently through divine intervention.

The aforementioned Brandon wrote this song, with further input by Weyes Blood and the track’s two producers, S. Everett and J. Rado.

This track can be found on “Imploding the Mirage”. And Island Records issued it as the eighth song on the playlist of that project in August of 2020.

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