“My Own Soul’s Warning” by The Killers

Within the context of this song, the phrase “my own soul’s warning” is basically a metaphor for the singer’s conscience. And what he appears to be saying is that even against his “own soul’s warning”, at one particular point in time he decided to take a big risk. And all lyrics considered, the situation reads as if he may have opted to perhaps break up with the woman he loves. But either way, in hindsight making that decision is causing him inner turmoil to this day.

Writing and Production

This song was written by The Killers’ own frontman, B. Flowers. And the track was produced by S. Everett and J. Rado.

Release Date

This is the lead-off song and third single from the band’s sixth-studio album, which is entitled “Imploding the Mirage”. June 17th, 2020 was this single’s release date.

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