“Dynamite” by BTS

“Dynamite” is BTS’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the masses of people who are experiencing some type of less-than-favorable mood as a result. And as expected, they are imploring the audience to make a conscientious effort to be happy.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for BTS's Dynamite at Lyrics.org.

More specifically, this is a dance song in which the vocalists are dedicated to using music, dance and socializing to liven themselves up. 

The song’s title alludes to the dynamic ambiance they emit when they adopt such a disposition, i.e. hitting the city in a joyous mood. It also reflects their overall outlook on life, as it being inherently “dynamite”, as in very fun and exciting. So basically, it can be said that using their own examples, the vocalists are calling upon the listeners to also try to conduct themselves in such a lively manner.

“So I’ma light it up like dynamite”

Facts about “Dynamite”

Big Hit Entertainment released “Dynamite” on 21 August 2020. This marked the first BTS-exclusive track entirely in English. And it can be said that this song has truly established them as the premiere musical act in the world, as just within hours of its release it proved to be a big success.

For instance, it topped the iTunes’ charts in 100 different countries. Furthermore, it also did so faster than any other track in history.

Then it went on to also make history on Spotify by garnering a record 12,638,540 streams during its debut.

But most notable are a number of records the “Dynamite” music video, which had Yong Seok Choi as its director, set on YouTube. For example, when Big Hit Entertainment premiered it, 3,000,000 people watched it concurrently. This marked the biggest premiere in the streaming services history. It then went on to achieve 20,000,000 views in a 20-minute timespan. And then, within a single day, the video had attracted over 1,100,000 views.

The song topped America’s renowned Billboard Hot 100 chart. This was the first time BTS achieved this feat. FYI, the Hot 100 is the most important singles chart in the world.

United States of America#1
Peru Anglo#1
South Korea#1

In addition to the above chart successes, “Dynamite” also achieved the following:

Costa Rica Anglo#9
Czech Republic#9
Guatemala Anglo#6
New Zealand#4
United Kingdom#3
Uruguay Anglo#5
Venezuela Anglo#2

A few days after the aforementioned official video to “Dynamite” was released, BTS also came out with an alternate video. This video features some interesting bloopers.

Did BTS write “Dynamite”?

No. It was written by David Stewart alongside Jessica Agombar. Stewart also exclusively handled Dynamite‘s production.

Grammy Nomination

In a world full of music awards, the Grammys are considered to be the most-significant out of the lot. So it was of course a major moment when BTS’s “Dynamite” was officially nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award on the date of 25 November 2020. This is not only because this is the first song by BTS, a band that has been active since 2013, to achieve such consideration. But also it is the first K-pop track in general to ever be nominated for any Grammy. 

As such, this is a significant achievement for the entire K-pop genre as well as the boy band we call BTS. By extension we can also say that the entire South Korean music industry is the beneficiary of their success. And for the record, the category in which “Dynamite” received its nomination is for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

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