“Energy” by Taylor Swift

As firmly implied later in this post, Taylor Swift’s “Energy” may well be an unfinished song or one that never officially sees the light of day. Or maybe by the time it does come out, the lyrics will be significantly altered. And the reason why it is important to note this from the onset is because comprehensively, the wording of “Energy” doesn’t necessarily read as if it makes sense.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Taylor Swift's Energy at Lyrics.org.

The most-discernible sections are actually the latter parts, i.e. from the third verse going. They give the impression that this is one of those us-against-the-world songs. But again, we don’t want to dive in too deeply at this point. And why? This is because it is very much possible that if “Energy” ever does come out, some major lyrical components will be altered along the way.

Noteworthy Things about “Energy”

There doesn’t appear to be any official information on this song available at the time of this writing. 

The Genius page for “Energy” has, listed as its artist, “Marked for Deletion”. And “Marked for Deletion” points to a Genius user page whereas readers are able to “request page deletions”. So the presumption is that maybe these lyrics were published without official approval, and somewhere Taylor or her people lodged a complaint.

Also, the “Energy” music video currently embedded on a number of websites point to a YouTube page that is titled “TS MIDNIGHTS energy MALE VERSION”.

There are actually two vocalists, i.e. said “male” as well as, apparently, Taylor Swift. There also isn’t any instrumental underneath the lyrics. The vocals/lyrics are strongly reminiscent, in part, to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (2007).  So the further presumption we’re making is that this is perhaps Taylor rehearsing with her vocal coach or what have you, and somehow the recording leaked. 

But what is known is that “TS” would stand for Taylor Swift’s initials, and “Midnights” is the name of a 2022 Taylor Swift album. 

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