“Enough for You” by Olivia Rodrigo

We’re now starting to take back our earlier assertion that there’s more to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” than romantic teen fare. Well in fact there is – a lot more actually. But now getting deeper into the album, it would appear that its primary subject matter is indeed of the romantic variety, as to be expected from a young (female) singer.

However, the way the project is perhaps more comprehensive, being indicative of the times we live in, is because none of these tracks – or at least not any that we have covered up until this point, more than halfway through “Sour” – are actually love songs. In other words, they may be about romance alright, but the tone of them are not happy or celebratory. And such is once again the case with “Enough for You”.

“Enough for You”

This particular tune is very Billie Eilish-ish in that we have a teenaged female singer, in the prime of her youth so to speak, dealing with self-image issues as the result of being the victim of unreciprocated affection. 

Or more to the point in this particular case, the featured relationship has apparently climaxed with the addressee dumping the vocalist for someone whom he found to be “more exciting” than herself. And by the looks of things, even when they were together he didn’t particularly treat her well. That is to say that when they were an item, she was never overly confident that she was “good” enough in the addressee’s eyes to actually retain him. 

And apparently she was right. Or at least that’s the conclusion she has come to now that he’s gone on his own respective way.

And in the aftermath of it all, the vocalist is not necessarily beefing about it. Instead, her current disposition is twofold. On one hand, she has already resolved to never take the addressee back. This is even though it doesn’t seem like she has completely gotten over him. Or instead let’s say that she has yet to recuperate from being “used and discarded”, i.e. undervalued, by him. 

And secondly, she is under the impression that in the long run, he is the one who will end up emotionally devastated. And that’ll be when she rather has found someone who, unlike him, actually appreciates her.

In Conclusion

So in closing, we are once again compelled to say that this is another Olivia Rodrigo track which reads like it was written by someone a bit older and more experienced than herself. That would be an individual who is actually familiar enough with their lover to ‘know how he takes his coffee’ as opposed to, say, living with her parents, as we presume Rodrigo currently does. 

But we get the point nonetheless. The narrator is someone who, against that little inner voice, still vested her all in a relationship. And unfortunately, said inner voice ultimately proved to be true. So now, more so than being sad we can rather say that she is angry, as people who have been mistreated tend to be. But she still feels that by the end of the day, romantic justice will prevail in both her and the addressee’s life.

Lyrics for "Enough for You"

Facts about “Enough for You”

“Enough for You” can be found on Sour, the Olivia Rodrigo debut full-length that came out on the date of 21 May 2021. This is one of a couple of tracks featured therein that was written exclusively by Olivia Rodrigo. And the songstress has implied that she did so while recuperating from a broken heart for real.

Rodrigo also co-produced Enough for You, though as expected Dan Nigro participated in that regard as well.

Olivia Rodrigo explains "Enough for You"

Dan Nigro, being a behind-the-scenes musician, isn’t nearly as known as Olivia Rodrigo. But he does have a tenured résumé. He has over the years worked with the likes of Billy Idol, Kylie Minogue and Conan Gray. And it is also safe to say that besides for Rodrigo herself, he is the main figure behind her newfound success. And why? Not only is Nigro the executive producer of Sour but it was also he who produced and co-wrote “Drivers License“, the song which established Olivia as a credible music superstar. 

And just note, Dan was actually born on Long Island.

“Enough for You” is a product of two major labels, Geffen and Interscope, working in conjunction. And for the record, Olivia Rodrigo signed with both of these entities in 2020, prior to the release of “Drivers License” itself.

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