“Enough Said” by Aaliyah (ft. Drake)

On “Enough Said”, Aaliyah is addressing a romantic interest who is dealing with some type of emotional/mental burden. However, he obviously does not want to discuss it with her. Therefore she is entreating him to open up. Meanwhile Drake drops a collaborative verse, seemingly portraying the role of her romantic interest. And he goes on to rap about a number of topics such as the personal social effects of his success and gun violence in Toronto.

Facts about “Enough Said”

This track was released by Blackground Records as a standalone single on 5 August 2012.  This was the same day Drake premiered the tune at Toronto’s OVO Fest.

You may notice that this is over a decade after Aaliyah tragically passed away in 2001.  The history behind this song is that she had begun recording it before her passing. So Drake took it upon himself to finish the track, enlisting the services of its producer and fellow OVO co-founder, 40, in the process.

Drake also co-wrote the song with 40, with the other credited writers being Timbaland and Aaliyah.

“Enough Said” was originally intended to be featured on an entire posthumous Aaliyah album which Drake wanted to come out with. However, said project never came into fruition.

It has been noted that Drake is actually a fan of Aaliyah – so much so that he has a tattoo of her face on his mid-back.

“Enough Said” went on to chart in the US, Germany and the Netherlands.

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