“Desires” by Drake & Future

In this song, the rappers (Drake and Future) are addressing particular romantic interests. It is clear that they care a lot for their respective partners, as these ladies have been spread out as only the likes of Drake and Future can do. But as the title suggests, these women also have “desires”. Or simply put, their actions indicate that they may not be totally faithful to the rappers. 

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Moreover they are the unruly types who regularly do things to get the vocalists upset. As such, in the chorus, Drake, whose lyrics actually comprise like 75% of this song, laments that he didn’t take this particular shorty and put her in a “mansion out in the sticks”. That is to say that he regrets not relocating her to a setting where she would have little to no social interactions with anyone outside of himself. So in that regard, the implication is that her “city” life is one of the reasons for her uncontrollable behavior.  But also the rapper has come to understand that homegirl is a lot more experienced in the game than he had initially anticipated. 

Lyrics of "Desires"

All in all…

So basically the homeys find themselves in love with women whom despite what types of emotional or monetary investments they make, they cannot satisfactorily tie down. And by the time all is said and done, Drake is even chalking up the scenario to him basically playing with fire and getting burnt.

Facts about “Desires”

This song was officially released as a standalone single on 31 January 2020.  This is after Future teased it twice in 2019, and the track actually leaked, albeit an incomplete version, on 4 January 2020.

“Desires” was written by Future and Drake. And the song was produced by D. Hill.

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