“Everything” by Eminem

The title of this song (“Everything”) doesn’t seem to really have much to do with its overall message but rather is the word which starts off the chorus.  And said passage is based on Eminem telling someone like a rival rapper that there is enough money and fame floating around for both of them to eat.  Therefore he should not be discontent if he comes in at number two, as Shady himself is always “number one”.  

But whereas Em starts off bragging, he goes on to say that he himself, based on the aforementioned premise, does not mind coming in second place. And he is saying so to dissuade beef amongst rapper’s crews which is based on jealousy. But the bulk of the song outside of the chorus is dedicated to Shady giving shoutouts to other rappers. This includes Ca$his, 50 Cent, Young Buck apparently and especially T.I. And with the exception of Young Buck these are all artists whom Eminem is known to have been collaborating with around the time “Everything” was recorded. 

Moreover it has been theorized that the special sympathy he is showing towards T.I., including sampling a track they worked on together, was due to “Everything” being recorded around the time Tip was arrested on gun charges in 2007. 

So we can conclude that this is a track in which Eminem is calling for peace, not only amongst rival rappers in general but also wishing special blessings to certain peers.

Lyrics of "Everything"

This was a song Eminem recorded circa 2007.  It was intended to be featured on a Slim Shady album entitled “King Mathers” that was never actually released.

Eminem wrote and produced “Everything”.  Though never officially issued, the song was leaked onto the internet on 1 November 2019.

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