“Everything I Need” by Skylar Grey

“Everything I Need” by American singer Skylar Grey is the first track from the soundtrack of the 2018 Aquaman movie. As such, one of the main settings of the song, just like the movie, is the ocean. However, the lyrics themselves center on a deep love and appreciation the singer has for her lover, even though he apparently has a negative perception of himself.


The aforementioned ocean scenery is brought forth early in the song.  It is used as a metaphor for a person who was born with the odds against him. As such, he has low self-esteem, but Skylar is here to tell him, to the contrary, that he is indeed valuable.


Again the theme of the subject’s negative self-perception comes up. However, the singer once again expresses sentiments going against this disapproving appraisal and indeed wishes he could instead see himself through her own eyes.


It is during the chorus that Skylar outright states that her partner is ‘everything she needs.’ In fact despite how he may feel about himself she finds no imperfections in him, instead believing that he was created specifically to fulfill her love.


According to the second verse obviously this person doesn’t feel the name. Not that he doesn’t love her, but rather he still can’t perceive his own worth. However, even when he pushes her away, Skylar never deserts him but instead always has his back.


During the bridge the topic of seemingly undeserved misfortune, as brought forth in the first verse, comes back up. However, Skylar sees these setbacks to be ‘blessings in disguise’. In fact she herself once dealt with self-esteem issues. However, her self-image has improved through interactions with the subject of the song, her lover.


The track concludes with another chorus, reiterating just how important this person is to the singer.

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