“Black Magic” by Eminem (ft. Skylar Grey)

Throughout his career Eminem has dropped his fair share of memorable story raps. The most-famous of all, “Stan” (2000), features a subplot where a dude decides to kill his significant other. And on this track (“Black Magic”), Eminem takes on a similar role of a guy caught up in a toxic relationship. In fact the song’s title can be interpreted as alluding to the notion of the narrator being powerless to break up with his girlfriend even though he knows that she is quite unfaithful. 

And the lyrics focus exclusively on his discontent in the relationship. And to make a long story short, it climaxes with him stabbing her to death, expressing a considerable amount of glee in the process. But whereas this may seem like an extremely-violent and heartless subject to write a song about, remember that this is Eminem, and it fits into the overall motif of “Music to Be Murdered By”.

Writing and Production Credits

Eminem wrote this dark song alongside regular collaborators Luis Resto and Skylar Grey. The track’s co-producer, Jayson DeZuzio, also served as a co-writer. And the other co-producer is Skylar herself.

Release Date of “Black Magic”

This track is part of the deluxe edition (aka “Side B”) of Eminem’s project “Music to Be Murdered By”, which came out on December 18th, 2020. And as usual, this product of Slim Shady’s was backed by the following labels:

  • Interscope Records
  • Aftermath Entertainment
  • Em’s own Shady Records.

“Black Magic” is considered one of the highlights of its project. Other highlights featured on the project include the following:

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