Skylar Grey’s “Angel with Tattoos” Lyrics Meaning

The song “Angel with Tattoos” is about the relationship between the singer (Skylar Grey) and her soon-to-be mother-in-law. And more to the point, it is grounded in the reality of her lover’s mother not liking her. His other nuclear family members, such as his dad and sister, are clearly supportive of their romance. However, moms isn’t having it. And the foundation of her beef apparently has something to do with Skylar’s tatted-up appearance. 

But the songstress, while acknowledging that her past is not all roses, implores the lady not to judge her by her looks. And she totally understands why she would be protective of her “baby boy”. But at the same time, Skylar is in love and has intentions of making a lifelong commitment to this individual. And accordingly, it is not her intent to hurt him at all. So as far as his mother’s perception, Skylar assures the audience that despite having a potentially off-putting appearance she is actually an “angel with tattoos”. In other words she can’t escape her past. But underneath the controversial exterior is rather a person who is genuinely nice, particularly when it comes to dealing with this lady’s son, i.e. the man she loves. 

Thus the singer is hoping that her boyfriend’s mother is able to come to this understanding also. Apparently that is all she desires the most in life.

Lyrics of "Angel with Tattoos"

Quick Facts about “Angel with Tattoos”

 “Angel With Tattoos” is the title song of Skylar’s fourth studio album.

KIDinaKORNER released the track on 27 September 2019.

Skylar wrote “Angel With Tattoos” alongside two other songwriters. They are:

  • Mark Jackson
  • Ian Scott

And the tune was produced by Dave Bassett.

Skylar actually premiered this song back in 2018. Before the proper name of the tune was announced, fans themselves had dubbed the song “Angel”.

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