“Genetics” by Meghan Trainor

“Genetics” is another self-appreciation song, the type of track that has helped put Meghan Trainor on the map. You see Meghan, being a little bit on the plus side, doesn’t necessarily fit the popular mold of beauty. Yet in this track she is praising her “genetics”, as in the physical attributes that have been passed down to her, including her “bass”, i.e. her plus-sized body. 

So primarily this is a song which finds Meghan heaping praises upon her own looks, as in her ability to make both genders “stop” due to her physical attractiveness. But for those of us who are actually familiar with Meghan, we know that it likely serves another wider purpose. And what’s this purpose? We hear you ask. A purpose of giving women who may not fit traditional beauty standards a boost of self-confidence. In all honesty, this song’s theme is very similar to Meghan’s 2014 global hit “All About That Bass“.

Lyrics of "Genetics"

“Genetics” Release Date

Meghan and her team release “Genetics” as a completely standalone single on the 13th of September 2019.

However, it is also featured on the soundtrack of the Netflix romantic comedy “Tall Girl”. The aforementioned comedy premiered the same day as the song.

Did Meghan pen this song herself?

Yes. Meghan wrote “Genetics” alongside Justin Tranter, the track’s producer. Songwriter Mike Sabath and Meghan’s older brother, Ryan Trainor, also have writing credits on this body positivity song.

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