“Bad for Me” by Meghan Trainor (ft. Teddy Swims)

It’s blatantly obvious that the addressee of Meghan Trainor’s “Bad for Me” is a loved one whom the vocalist has deemed toxic. Teddy Swims’ verse in particular reads as if said individual may be a romantic interest, but we know based on Meghan Trainor’s own explanation that this song was not inspired by romance and at least some of the lyrics are literal. 

For instance, the line in the chorus when she states “we’re blood” is a clear revelation that the addressee is meant to be a family member in the more hereditary sense of the word. Furthermore, Meghan did confide in a therapist over this troubled relationship in real life, who did encourage her to write a letter to said loved one. The songstress further explained that this family member never responded, and the further heartbreak that resulted from that snub is what ultimately led to her writing “Bad for Me”.

You are not good for me

And as the title indicates, the vocalist has come to the conclusion that being so close to addressee is not good for her from an emotional standpoint. As relayed, the main problem with this individual is that he or she tends to lie, ‘making promises they can’t keep’ such that the vocalist is devastated after such disappointments. 

Further, Meghan and Teddy have concluded that the reason the addressee behaves so, seemingly with no remorse, is because they are “too damn selfish”. And it would be because of that personality flaw also that the vocalist has become convinced that trying to smoke the peace pipe, if you will, with the addressee would ultimately prove an act of vanity.


Conclusively, the message being put forth is akin to an expression of ‘endless love’ for the addressee. However, in doing so, the vocalist simultaneously acknowledges that a relationship with the person, at least as far as Meghan or Teddy’s own wellbeing is concerned, is a no-no.

Meghan Trainor, "Bad For Me" Lyrics
Meghan Trainor explains the meaning of "Bad for Me"

Teddy Swims

The featured vocalist on this track is Teddy Swims. He is a lesser known, concurrently coming-up singer from Conyers, Georgia. 

Release of “Bad for Me”

Epic Records released this track on 24 June 2022. It is the lead single from “Takin’ It Back”, Meghan Trainor’s fifth-studio album.

Meghan first started teasing this track about a month before its release. And it was also during the latter part of June 2022 that she and Teddy first performed it live, via Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


The writers of “Bad for Me” are Meghan, Stint and Wrabel and its producer, Federico Vindver. 

There is an official music video to this track, as directed by Thom Kerr.

My “Adele Moment”

When asked about the “sad-girl pop” nature of this song, Meghan responded, partly in jest, by calling it her “Adele moment”.

Bad For Me

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