“Nothing on You” by Ed Sheeran (ft. Paulo Londra & Dave)

Ed Sheeran’s “Nothing on You” is a love song, as it is based on the narrators expressing appreciation for their respective romantic interests. The title is derived from a part of the chorus where Sheeran states that “all (his) friends” “ain’t got nothing on” the woman he is singing to. This is his way of saying that no matter how much they entreat him, he would rather spend time with his girlfriend (or the lady friend he is singing to) than with them. And this does not mean he has anything against his homeys. Instead, within the specific context of this song, this expression is meant to summarize his overwhelming desire to spend quality time with his shorty – getting high together and enjoying her beauty, especially when they are in the bedroom.

Accordingly, Paulo Londra and Dave pickup on this same general theme, though with different approaches. For instance, Paulo compares his romance to a “love movie” that “cannot end”, inferring that it is perfect and will last forever. Meanwhile Dave is more on the flossing tip, as in he likes dripping and wants to make sure his lady is dapper also. But what it all boils down to is that, like Sheeran, they are very impressed with the ladies they are currently dealing with – and want them and indeed the entire world – to acknowledge such.

Lyrics of "Nothing on You"

“Nothing on You” has a lot of First Times

“Nothing on You” marks Sheeran’s first truly bilingual song, as the entire second verse (which is sung by Paulo Londra, an Argentine rapper) is in Spanish.

Furthermore more, it also marks the first time Sheeran has teamed up with either Paulo Londra or his fellow Briton, Dave.


The three vocalists wrote the song along with the following:

  • Daniel Oviedo (Ovy on the Drums)
  • Cristian Salazar (The KristoMan)
  • Fred Gibson

Fred Gibson is also credited as the sole producer of “Nothing on You”

Release Date of “Nothing on You” 

Atlantic Records released this track in collaboration with Warner Music on 12 July 2019. It is part of Ed Sheeran’s album which came out on the same date, entitled No. 6 Collaborations Project.

Was “Nothing on You” a single from Ed’s No. 6?

No. The aforementioned project was supported by six singles. This wasn’t released as one of them. The official singles from No. 6 are as follows:

  1. Antisocial
  2. Blow
  3. Best Part of Me
  4. Beautiful People
  5. Cross Me
  6. I Don’t Care

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