“Falling Like the Stars” by James Arthur

“Falling Like the Stars” is a love song that comes to us via English phenom James Arthur. The unique angle it is presented from is derived from its title, “falling like the stars”. The singer uses this analogy as a metaphor for how fast and deeply he is falling in love with the addressee of the track. And in that regard, it seems that their romance, as in becoming lifelong partners, is just truly taking off.

So at the beginning of the track, we find Arthur separated from this individual. Yet his emotional dependency on her is driving him back “home”, kind of like a homing beacon. 

In the second verse, we find James fantasizing about his future with this woman, which includes “four kids” and his likelihood to retain the same level of affection for her that he has in the present day. 

And in the third verse, he basically expresses that without her, his life would lose meaning.

What this all boils down to, as highlighted in the bridge, is that he has fallen in love. And again, given the way the song is presented, the impression is this is the first time he has felt this level of romantic sentiment in his life.

Lyrics of the song "Falling Like the Stars"

Facts about “Falling Like the Stars”

  • James Arthur wrote this song with Anders Albin Höjer and another songwriter named Jamie Grey.  Production credits go to two producers: Bradley Spence as well as Alex Beitzke.
  • “Falling Like the Stars” was released by Colombia Records on May 10, 2019.

On which album does “Falling Like the Stars” appear?

This song is set to be featured on James Arthur’s third album. As of the release of “Falling Like the Stars” on 10 May 2019, that project has yet to be named.

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  1. garry mansfield says:

    Jamie Grey is an unbelievable songwriter and am sure that we will hear a lot more of his penned songs in the future.

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