“Famous Last Words” by James Blake

In “Famous Last Words”, the vocalist is clearly addressing someone he is close to, and it is very much possible that said addressee is a romantic interest. Possibly his ex-girlfriend. But either way, it is clear that James perceives his association with this individual as being akin to a toxic relationship. Indeed if it is in fact a romantic interest, the implication would be that perhaps he dumped her or in the very least made an attempt to.

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But the truth of the matter is that this is someone he simply cannot get over. Even though he apparently has every reason to cut her off, his true feelings will not allow him to do so. And the way the title is utilized in the bridge seems to imply that the vocalist knows if he recommits himself to the addressee, he is setting himself up for yet another emotional downfall. 

Or another way it may be interpreted is that perhaps what he’s saying is he had to cut her off alright. However, he didn’t derive any actual pleasure, even now in the aftermath, from doing so.

In Conclusion

In fact the title, as utilized in the lyrics, is somewhat confusing given the overall narrative. But that is not to say that a thesis sentiment is not derivable from this piece. And that would be the vocalist kicking himself, so to speak. And why is he doing that to himself? This is simply because he is unable to get over someone whom he knows in his heart he shouldn’t be messing with like that.

James Blake, "Famous Last Words" Lyrics

Facts about “Famous Last Words”

On 13 September 2021, this track became the third single released from James Blake album titled “Friends That Break Your Heart”. And the overall project’s issuance via Polydor Records and Republic Records was delayed due to a number of factors.

James Blake wrote and produced this song alongside Jameela Jamil and Dominic Maker.

The aforementioned Jameela is an actress whom James has been dating since 2015.

The music video to this track features well-known American musician Finneas. Everyone who knows popular American singer Billie Eilish would likely also know Finneas. And why? Because he is Billie’s older brother and songwriting partner. Actually he is best known for his association with his famous younger sister.

“Famous Last Words” is the opening song on “Friends That Break Your Heart”.

Famous Last Words

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  1. Lindokuhle Lusenga says:

    This is a beautiful piece by James and you broke it down well🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Finneas is in the Say What You Will video

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