“Fine Line” by Harry Styles

There is an old saying that goes something like ‘there’s a fine line between love and hate’. Or said differently, just as easily as a relationship can be loving and peaceful, it can be hateful and tumultuous. And that seems to be the general idea upon which this song is based. The singer is respectively addressing two different individuals on the track’s verses. 

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The first is a male friend who he clearly has a love/hate relationship with. This person has Harry’s “devotion”, but at the same time Styles can ‘hate him sometimes’. And the second character is a romantic interest. And basically, the metaphors the singer uses in describing their relationship allude to it being a turbulent one where communication is an issue. 

But ultimately, he seems to make peace with the idea that his relationship with these close associates is so. In other words, the “fine line” which separates them from being peacefully coexisting and tearing each other apart will, by all indications, persist. However, Harry is confident that at the end of day everything will “be alright”.

Lyrics of “Fine Line”

Facts about “Fine Line”

This is the title song and final track on the playlist of Harry Styles’ second solo album. And it was released as such, by Columbia Records, on 13 December 2019.

The three musicians who produced “Fine Line” are Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon and Sammy Witte.

And they also co-wrote the song along with Harry Styles and Mitch Rowland.

Did Harry Styles release this as a single?

No. Styles’ 2019 album “Fine Line” produced only three singles. They are as follows:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fine line is the space between love and hate with an ex-lover.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You use the he/him in your analysis while Harry clearly uses her in the song. A temptress is a female not a male. Your analysis is flawed from the outset.

  3. Jordynn Preston says:

    Fine line is basically harry at first saying if you could but a price on emotion pls do so I can buy it you got my devotion but man I can hate you sometimes he gets made at this person sometimes like a normal relationship we’ll get the drinks in so I’ll get to thinking of her talking about one of his past relationships and how he will get to thinking of not wanting to be with them and wanting to be together with that special person before that he says I don’t want to fight you and I don’t want to sleep in the dirt it is like his way of saying he is scared of dying so will you fight for him so he doesn’t die then it goes to we’ll be a fine line he is saying even if he can’t be with that one person they will be ok they will find a way to be together then it goes to test of my patience there’s things we will never know basically saying be patient he will get you out even if there are things you will never find out about him then it says you sunshine you temptress saying that person is the light of his life and the temptress of his life then he says my hands at risk I’ll fold it is like in poker when your hand is a band hand so you fold he is saying that if he dates this person their life could be in danger then he says crisp trepidation I’ll try to shake this soon it is his way of saying he will try to get over this relationship soon then he says spreading you open is the only way of knowing you basically meaning the only way to get to know this person is to open then up like a book and basically read them then he says again we’ll be a fine line meaning they can get through this then after a minute he says we’ll be alright saying they are almost through the pain and it is alright just keep pushing then he says we’ll be a fine line like ten more time the you get the kinda high note we’re he says we’ll be alright again and then you get the orchestra playing the music in the back round

  4. Martha Dayns says:

    Our present day is influenced by Satanism, like everywhere. All aspects, including music and politics. The work of the Music Industry Illuminati / Satanists can clearly be seen by following the start and end of One Direction. Harry Styles is clearly referring to Illuminati Musicians in the song Sign of the Times. Think back. The 1D members were recruited. The Music Industry Illuminati are Satanists that use music to subliminally communicate and promo the Satanist Agenda. The Satanist Agenda changes from age to age. Behind the sparkle of Actors, Actresses, Rock Legends are often pedophiles, people involved in Satanic Rituals and child sex trafficking. The One Direction boys started off young and were groomed by wealthy people, no doubt Satanists and supporters of the New World Order. These Illuminati use celebrities to broadcast to and distract the masses through mainstream media. The Illuminati use celebrities to promo drugs, sex and distraction. Different band members / artists everywhere are often saying in their lyrics that they think that they can accept the gifts the so called Rain Man / Devil is giving them without turning into Devils themselves… What is being offered to the artist / artists comes with strings attached. The artist / artists must walk a FINE LINE. The fame, riches, huge expensive music video sets and extensive creative support come at a price. Many artists start out thinking that they can accept the Illuminati assistance and not have to do everything they are told to do, act as they are told to act, live as they are told. Intense. Sad, Sad. Weird. Harry Stiles has been around some of the biggest players in music who are associated with the cult, so he knows, or should know. Many of these big players have been arrested, are on house arrest and other cult members are being hunted. They really won’t be fine. These are the End Times. Evil loses. Harry’s friends and / or Harry himself will have to face the music for participating. There will be no mercy. Excuses will not save any of them. Harry’s friend Taylor Swift has been implicated… Katy Perry is for sure guilty. Harry should know that his friends will not be alright, but that is what his industry friends want to hear. That is also what Harry wants to say to them, true or not. Harry is kind. Harry has always been a kind person. However, selling your soul to Satan never ends well. For anyone.

  5. kittensanyone? says:

    i think it’s harry telling louis that they’ll be a ‘fine line.’ i think harry is basically telling louis that ‘you’ve got my devotion’ meaning that no matter what, he will always love him, but because louis dated and loved eleanor instead of harry despite all of there special moments with each other and beautiful friendship, he tells him that ‘man i can hate you sometimes’. harry will always love him but louis chose eleanor over him… 🙁

  6. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know what the rhythm of the song would be

  7. Matilda says:

    It’s a wonderful song. But please people, move on from his “relationship” with Louis. It’s kind of pathetic that people are still talking about something that there was never any proof of. Just enjoy his beautiful music.

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